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Seindo Travel Refund Policy

Last update : July 2023

Welcome to Seindo Travel! We feel proud and grateful for your trust in choosing our travel services for flight and hotel reservations. As one of the leading travel companies in Indonesia, we are committed to providing an exceptional travel experience and the best customer service. One important aspect of our service is our refund policy, which allows our customers to get back a portion or the entire amount of their payment in case of changes or cancellations in their bookings.

We understand that during travels, unforeseen situations can occur, and you may need to cancel or change your travel plans. Therefore, we have established a fair and transparent refund policy so that you can feel at ease when making bookings with us.


Refund Policy for Flight Bookings


Flexible Flight Tickets

For customers who choose 'Flexible' or 'Refundable' flight tickets, you will have greater flexibility regarding flight changes or cancellations. Such tickets allow you to receive a full or partial refund if you decide to cancel the flight. However, please note that some airlines may charge administrative fees related to cancellations.


Non-Refundable Flight Tickets

Tickets labeled as 'Non-Refundable' generally have lower prices, but they are not eligible for refunds. If you cancel a flight with such tickets, your payment will not be refunded. However, Seindo Travel Company will try to assist you in finding other options, such as changing the flight date without additional charges, subject to the terms of the respective airline.


Flight Canceled by the Airline

In the case of flights canceled by the airline or experiencing significant delays, Seindo Travel Company will work with you to arrange refunds according to the regulations and policies of the concerned airline. We will make every effort to ensure that you receive the appropriate and timely refund.


Refund Policy for Hotel Bookings


Refundable Hotel Rates

The refund policy for hotel bookings will depend on the type of rate you choose. If you book a 'Refundable' or 'Free Cancellation' rate, you will be eligible for a full or partial refund if you cancel the reservation within the designated time frame set by the hotel.


Non-Refundable Hotel Rates

For Non-Refundable rates, refunds generally cannot be provided in case of cancellations. However, Seindo Travel Company will try to find the best solution for you, such as changing the stay date without additional charges, if possible according to the hotels terms.


Changes or Cancellations by the Hotel

If there are changes or cancellations by the hotel, Seindo Travel Company will actively communicate with you and help find suitable alternatives or arrange refunds according to the hotels policies.

3. Refund Process


Submit a Refund Request

If you need a refund for a flight or hotel booking, please promptly contact our customer service team through the provided communication channels.


Verification and Refund Process

After you submit a refund request, our customer service team will verify your request according to the applicable terms. The refund process usually takes several days to a few weeks, depending on the payment method and the policies of the airline or hotel.


Administrative Fees and Other Charges

Please be aware that administrative fees or other charges related to bookings may not be refundable. Seindo Travel Company will provide clear information about this before you make a payment.
Seindo Travel always strive to provide the best service and maintain our customers satisfaction. However, in some situations, airline or hotel policies may change without prior notice. Therefore, it is highly recommended to read and understand the current terms and policies before making a booking.
If you have any further questions about the refund policy or need assistance with changes or cancellations, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Thank you for choosing Seindo Travel, and we hope you have a pleasant travel experience with us!

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